gills hill, radlett

the brief

Scott and his team were asked to build a new home at the bottom of the clients property to house the clients elderly mother. The property would need to be future proofed for any mobility issues, and would need to fit in with the limited space that was available. In addition, the clients wanted a stylish looking oak framed double storey build that would need to blend in naturally with its setting. 

the job

The job involved the removal of an old garage, clearing the site before beginning the full construction of the property. An internal visual Oak frame gives the building warmth and character. New kitchens and bathrooms have been designed to achieve a clean, contemporary edge. The use of natural materials throughout have given this property a modern look that compliments its setting on a small tree lined alley. 

the result

The client set out to achieve a complete modernisation of the flat, and was more than happy with the results that display clean simple finishes, modern fittings and windows and a completely modern and stylish look.The end result is a beautifully crafted new build, that sits comfortably within its surrounds. The use of re-claimed roof tiles and timer cladding compliment the buildings setting. The interior is modern, stylish and above all functional. The clients couldn’t be happier with the end result. 

words from the client

Very pleased with fantastic Scott and his lovely team. Managed to keep working at a safe distance, and stay positive throughout the construction, making it as stress free as possible. Highly recommended.”